Tips tricks and hacks for shipping.

At Grandma Sandino's we use the US Postal Service for virtually all of our deliveries. We do that because our website is hosted by Shopify and we get a 20% discount which we pass onto you.

98% of the time we ship in what's called a shoebox. We use it because it's the only box that will hold our large bottles and it will only hold two.  That's why there's a limit of two large bottles built into the website.

The Postal Service charges by weight and distance. I think they have some kind of a minimum which is $8 I have never shipped a package for less than that. That even includes shipping across town. Shipping to the surrounding states, the shipping costs are usually in the $8 to $10 range. That includes most of California. Shipping to Oregon, Washington and San Diego is a little more. They usually run in the $12 to $15 range. Once we go east of Denver the price goes up. The Midwest is usually in the $14 to $17 range. If we go to the East Coast it jumps up to as much as $32.

So here is your first Hack. For medium or the small bottles, we can actually pack up to 6 in the flat rate boxes. Six small bottles will fit in the medium flat-rate box and 6 medium bottles will fit in the large flat rate box. The medium flat-rate box currently runs $14.75 and the large flat rate is $19.70. This also works for Hawaii and Alaska.

Second Hack. If you order 6 small bottles or medium bottles we give you free shipping. (They must all be the same size.) So if you live on the east coast or Alaska and Hawaii the best way to order is 6 bottles.  (They have a 3 year shelf life and make great gifts and if you tell us in the comments that they are for gifts we will include extra paperwork and gift bags.)

If you live in Florida for instance, and you ordered two large bottles, you’ll get 1500 ml of sauce and pay $32 for shipping. That will cost you approximately $104. Ordering 6 mediums with free shipping that's $174 and you get 3000 ml. That means you actually get twice as much for only $70 more. That is a savings of approximately of $40. They'll last you a long time and remember they make great gifts.

Hack three.  Ordering a second bottle only increases shipping by $1 - $2 depending on size and you will easily use it before it expires.