This sauce is the best. We go through the huge bottle so quickly, because we literally use it every single day! It goes in so many things and makes every savory meal a million times better!!
Janetha B.

I thought the sauce the was going to be overpowering for sautéing. It was absolutely perfect.The sauce was unbelievable. Quick and easy--delicious!
Charlie V.

Bought some at the farmers market in Salt Lake and we are addicted! This stuff is amazing. We enjoy it with some Parmesan and focaccia bread!
K Bn.

"This Sicilian sauce is so good you just want to pour some in a glass and drink it."
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Sayben Mariah
"I have tried the garlic bread mix and it was the best mix I have used..." 
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City Weekly
"The best thing about this delicious sauce is it's versatility. It can be used as a grilling marinade, as a salad dressing, a dipping sauce and it even can be used for sauteing veggies."
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