Best Fried Chicken Ever!

  • Lay out the chicken and coat both sides with Grandma's RUB and Lawry's Savory salt.
  • Put in a baggie and refrigerate overnight.
  • When you're ready to cook you'll need a good frying pan, some avocado oil, a paper sack, some Krusteaz mix and a good sturdy cast iron pan. Simply dump some Krusteaz in a the paper sack, place a piece of chicken and shake It.
  • Place it in the heated oil (medium-high heat) and cook until browned on both sides.
  • Place a paper towel in the bottom of your cast iron pan and place it in a 300 degree oven, it will need to finish cooking. Leave the cast iron pan in the oven until chicken is completely cooked.
  • It will be incredibly moist and just fall off the bones. You can leave it in the oven for up to a couple of hours at about 300. Enjoy!